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Research Introduction about MATLAB Campus-Wide


The MATLAB Campus-Wide license is a comprehensive license agreement for using MATLAB throughout the university, unlike the conventional Individual license and Concurrent license. Therefore, if you sign up for the MATLAB Campus-Wide license, in principle, each faculty member does not need to purchase MATLAB individually.

  • Only available for educational / research purposes (not for commercial use)
  • Available to all enrolled students and faculty members
  • Can be used by students, faculty and staff using their own PCs in an internet environment
  • No maximum number of installations

The details are as follows.


With the start of use of the MATLAB Campus-Wide license, the conventional MATLAB license effective use experiment will be terminated on October 1, 2020. The conventional MATLAB license effective use experiment participants automatically use the MATLAB Campus-Wide license, so there is no need to change the settings on the participant side. Thank you for your cooperation in the experiment.

How to start using

Please proceed while referring to the PDF below.

Click here if you were using the Campus Wide License for a limited time until the end of September 2020.

Math The email address used to create a Works account is the G Suite email address (@

Please note that it is different from the lifetime email address for G Suite (@ when logging in to Gmail.

You can check your email address from


Wrong: -(tempaku.taroh.xx @

Other services

The MATLAB portal site is available.

You can train online for the contents equivalent to the annual training.

Support window

The support window will be available from MathWorks.

Installation Support


Download, Installation, Startup Related



Customer Support


License-related, contact information, activation-related




Technical Support

(Faculty and Staff Only)



Product Features, Bug Reports,

Improvement Requests, Documentation




How much is the usage fee?

It is free at this time (September 2020). Until 2021, it will be free as a COVID-19 countermeasure. However, after 2022, charging for research users is being considered.

Can it be used off-campus?

I can do it.

Can I install it on my personal PC?

I can do it.

Can I use it after graduation / retirement / transfer?

can not. If necessary, contract with Mathworks individually.

Which toolbox can I use?

Please check here.

Do I need to change the settings?

Users of the MATLAB license effective use experiment do not need to change the settings.

Users who have purchased and used a MATLAB license by themselves need to select one of the following.

  1. Hibernate your current MATLAB license and move to a Campus-Wide license
  2. Use your current MATLAB license as is

In principle, (1) is recommended from the viewpoint of optimizing the license cost of the entire university. In case of (2), you need to bear the license fee as before.

What is license dormancy?

License dormancy is a system for applying for exemption from maintenance costs during the Campus-Wide license contract period. If you leave it unsleeping, you will incur maintenance costs, and if you do not pay the maintenance costs, your license will expire.

If the license is dormant, no maintenance costs will be incurred during the Campus-Wide license agreement period. In addition, if the University withdraws from the Campus-Wide license, it is possible to resume the use of the dormant license (maintenance fee from the time of resumption is required separately).

However, if the license is put to sleep, even if the license holder is transferred to another university or institution, there is a restriction that the dormancy cannot be canceled unless the university withdraws from the Campus-Wide license.

The cost of acquiring a new MATLAB license is approximately equivalent to four years of maintenance costs. Therefore,

  • If the university has a Campus-Wide License contract for 4 years or more, and
  • If you have to transfer your MATLAB license to another university or institution within 4 years

If these two conditions are met, it may be better not to sleep. If you move to another university or institution after the 4th year, it should be cheaper to keep the license dormant and then re-acquire it if necessary.

In addition, you will not be able to sleep after the Campus-Wide license starts unless you complete the procedure by the date and time specified by Mathworks. I am very sorry for the sudden story, but please consider it.

What is the setting procedure for switching to the Campus-Wide license after dormant the license you have been using?

Please refer to the following documents.

How to update Campus-Wide license Only for Japanese

How long is the Campus-Wide license period?

The initial contract period for the Campus-Wide License is planned to be from October 1, 2020 to 6 months (until the end of 2020). After that, the contract will be made on a yearly basis.

Is there any reason for the Campus-Wide license of contract ?

As with electronic journals, the contract may be terminated due to the results of deliberation by the Information Technology Committee and the termination of the budget by the university executive department. When the contract is terminated, it will be revealed at the timing of the middle of the previous year.

I want to use the toolbox I have in the laboratory at the same time?

Please contact Mathworks.

How to install when using Concurrent Licence

To install it on a personal computer, etc., obtain the Individual License from Mathworks portal site. Please get it. If the use of Individual License is not appropriate due to installation on a shared PC in the laboratory, it is possible to set it to operate by referring to the Concurrent License of the license server running at the Information Media Infrastructure Center. Is possible. The procedure in that case is as follows.

1. Download the installer from IMC site.

2. Download the license file to the terminal you are installing and save it.

3. Start the installer. When the installer starts, you will be asked to confirm "whether to install using the Internet" as shown below. Be sure Select "Use file installation key" and click "Next".

4. Agree to the license agreement and click "Next".

5. Click "I have a file installation key for my license" and use "04340-40444-54199-49003-61853-32845-01286-49421-65078-42272-32660-62100-00472-17990" as the file installation key. Enter "-56556-51497-24548-11339-60998-61781-65323-14233-20298" and click "Next".

6. Enter the location (up to the file name) of the license file you downloaded and saved, and click "Next".

7. Enter the installation folder and click "Next".

8. Check what you want to install and click "Next".

9. Make any settings and click "Next".