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Cloud services

 The name of cloud service Toyohashi University of Technology has contracted is as follows.

 Name: Google Workspace for Education plus
※Its name has changed from former one, "G Suite for Education"

Service more detail is :here

Available applications

Available applications are as follows.

Type Gmail Google drive Google Meet Google Classroom Google calendar
Student/ Faculty member
× × ×
Extramural user*1

*1 The account needs to be valid still excluding library users and users of partner institutions.

How to log in

・Though the browser (Google Chrome is recommended), access each application service as Gmail, login with G Suite life-time mail address.

・Using these services though the off-campus network, setting one-time password is required.

Here is how to set one-time password.

Common limitation of applications

・Each application has no capacity limit for individuals, but there is a limitation for the entire organization. In the current license agreement, its capacity is 100TB plus extra, see here for details.
・The following is a description of the data to be saved.

Do not save any information (files) with an importance level of 4 or 3.
For information rating, internal regulations will be developed in the future based on the sample regulations for information security measures for higher education institutions.
Faculty and research staff can share the files and folders saved on Google Drive with outside the university. Students and staff can not do that but only share with members of the university.

The following information is expected to be classified as Importance level 4.

・Information on student registry and academic records

・Information on instructional records
・Medical Information

The following information is expected to be classified as Importance level 3.

・Information on instructional records of student

・Information on employment and career paths after graduation
・Address, date of birth, phone number


・See here for basic usage.

Google HELP

Google Drive

・Inquiry about usage : Educational affaire division (Information system)

Google HELP

Google Meet

・Anonymous users and users who have not signed in to their Google account cannot participate in meetings hosted under the University's account. Click here for the detail.
・Inquiry about usage : Educational affaire division (Information system)

Google HELP

Google Classroom

・Inquiry about usage : Center for IT-based Education


Google Calendar

・Inquiry about usage : Educational affaire division (Information system)



・Please be aware that direct access to Google is restricted from some countries, so please be careful when traveling.


・Information and Media Center do not answer inquiries about usage.

・For systematical issues (e.g. cannot sign in, access the service), contact to the following.

contact Extent 6639 (IMC)  supports*

The mark "*" is for Send an e-mail with