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Computers connected to our university network must install anti-virus software. Information and Media Center (IMC) provides anti-virus software for these computers free of charge. Please check the terms of use before using it.

For using Anti-virus software

Information and Media Center provides the following anti-virus software.

WithSecure Element Agent(WithSecure Corporation )

Symantec Endpoint Protection we have provided so far was discontinued at the end of March 2021. The license agreement will end at the end of September 2021. Please uninstall it by the contract end date and replace it with the successor F-Secure Computer protection.

Conditions of use

If you violate the following terms of use, the university will be subject to a lawsuit, so please understand the usage qualifications and operate properly.

Eligibility for use

It is available to faculty members and students enrolled at the university.

  • If you are no longer enrolled in the university due to retirement, transfer, graduation, completion, withdrawal, etc., you must uninstall it.
  • If the contract with F-Secure ends, you will need to uninstall it regardless of whether you are enrolled or not. (In this case, Information and Media Center will inform you)

Installation Restriction

  • Installation is limited to computers used in Toyohashi University of Technology.
  • There is no limit on the number of computers.
  • It doesn't matter who owns the computer.

Supported OS

  • Windows 8.1, 10(Click here for the latest supported OS )
  • macOS 10.14, 10.15, 11(Click here  for the latest supported OS )
  • Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS )(Click here for the latedt supported OS )

Please note that it is prohibited to connect a computer with an OS whose support has ended to the university's network.

How to install

How to unintall