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Hosting Information on the hosting service (the shared server)

The Information and Media Center officially started offering a hosting service on July 18, 2008. If you have any questions, check FAQ first. Then, contact the Information and Media Center


If you apply for the use of the shared server, the following service can be used.

  • Web server
  • Mail server
  • Mailing list server
  • DNS server

Information required for application

Send an email with the following information to

  1. Service category
    • On the shared server, web server, mail server and mailing list server can be used. State whether you want to use all the services or some of the services.
  2. Name, section, contact (extension number and email address) and account code (10 digits) of the person responsible for payment
    • To use the shared server, users should share the minimum degree of expenses required for maintaining server equipment (2,500 yen per month).
    • Enter a 10-digit school expense code number, such as a code for expense for education or a research platform or a code of an expense for operation, as an accounting code.
  3. Name, section, contact (extension number and email address) and center account of an initial administrator
    • The list of administrators having authority to manage the shared server of a domain can be edited by any domain administrator. An initial administrator is an administrator who is registered the first to edit the list of administrator.

    • An initial administrator is not always the person responsible for payment. Register a university staff member in charge of the management of the server. For example, we assume that the person responsible for payment is a professor, and the initial administrator is an assistant professor.
      • You can add a student to the list of administrators as an auxiliary administrator.
    • As the initial administrator, apply for the registration of a university staff member.

    • A center account is assigned to all university staff members. In case you do not know your account, contact Center Staff Room 1.
  4. Request for a domain name
    • For example, when you apply for the domain name “,”
      • The web server URL is

      • The email address is

      • Only lower case letters (a-z) and figures (0-9) can be used for a domain name.
      • For fourth-level domains, domain names that are already assigned to each department/center are used. Requests for a domain inconsistent with the domain name assignment policy for fourth-level domains are not accepted.
        • For example, when a laboratory that belongs to Department 4 requests a domain name, which does not comply with the already assigned fourth level domain of Department 4, which is, such request is not accepted.
        • This does not mean that the domain name must always contain For example, when a laboratory that belongs to Department 4 requests the domain “,” there is no problem.
      • Requests for domains that are the same as existing domains are not accepted.

Service contents

The shared server provides a virtual domain environment.

  • It provides mail server and web server for the existing (or new) domain using the equipment in the center.
  • User names of a domain can be mapped with accounts of the center. This enables the following:
    • Email to a user of another domain can be received by an account of the Information and Media Center.
    • Contents placed under the home directory of the Information and Media Center are published as the personal web page of a domain user.
  • Mail aliases (registration of another name for an email address) of a user can be set without limitation. This helps you create a simple mailing list.
  • The contents of the web server of a domain can be remotely edited, registered and published.

The following describes the example when applying for a virtual domain

Web server

Mail server

  • The email address can be used.

    • Emails can be forwarded to an existing mail box.
      • All students and university staff members have a mail box on the testing mail server of the Information and Media Center ( Thus, if a user configures the server to forward emails arriving at to this mailbox, the user can receive emails at the requested domain.

    • Another name (alias) can be added.
  • The registration of the address is configured via the configuration interface with the authority of a domain administrator.

Mailing list server

DNS server

  • The following two servers are configured as DNS servers of
    • (
    • (
  • Management of the zone file of a DNS server is performed via Web Folders (WebDAV). Forwarding zone files should be stored in The format is the same as that in the BIND 9. After updating the zone file, reload the file using the configuration interface.


The software used on the shared server is as follows:

  • Debian GNU/Linux 9.9
  • Apache 2.4.25
  • Postfix 3.1.12
  • Perl 5.24.1
    • For Perl modules, please ask us as necessary.
  • Ruby 2.3.3
  • Python 2.7.13
  • PHP 5.4.45
    • PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) is installed.
    • Smarty (PHP Template Engine) 3.1.31 is installed.
  • BIND 9.8.4
  • Mailman 2.1.15

In case any security issues occurs, the software version is subject to be change without notice.