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This page provides FAQ about the mail server/mailing list server on the shared server. If you have any questions or requests before using the shared server, please send an email to you have any questions or requests after using the shared server, please send an email to or add them at FAQ.

Which mail server should individual users use?

Use server for sending and receiving emails. See the configuration steps as well.

Can I send and receive emails from outside the university?


Connection from both inside and outside the university is accepted for sending and receiving emails (SMTP, POP3 and IMAP). Since user authentication is essential, however, see the configuration steps and configure authentication properly.

Can I use web mail?

Yes. Access to

What is the maximum size of an email and the maximum capacity of a mailbox?

The maximum capacity of an email is 50 MB per email.

The maximum capacity of a mail box is 8 GB for university staff members and 1 GB for students.

How I can forward emails?

To forward emails, (1) the system administrator makes a configuration to forward emails on the system, or (2) each user configures to forward emails at the user level.

  1. To make a configuration on the system, use the shared server management CGI.

  2. To make a configuration at a user level, use the personal configuration CGI.

Are anti-virus measures taken?

Virus filtering using ClamAV is implemented.

Are anti-SPAM measures taken?

Mails are sorted using a commercial SPAM mail filter engine.

Can I use procmail?

Procmail cannot be used due to unresolved capacity issues of the hardware.

How can I receive emails sent to an email address using a previous domain name?

For example, it applies to when an email arriving at should be forwarded to Since the forwarding can be configured, contact

Mailing list server

How can I create a new mailing list?

First of all, you should re-consider whether a real mailing list is really required or not. For example,

  • You want to store all emails on a specific topic and see them as the web archive site.
  • You want to set a proper prefix (e.g., Example:00001) to the email subjects on a specific topic.

If there are no such requests, setting a simple alias is sufficient. To set an alias, register the alias using the shared server management CGI. It takes some efforts to manage a real mailing list. It is recommended to create aliases as much as possible.

When a real mailing list is required, access the web interface URL provided beforehand (e.g.,, enter the necessary information and the password, and you will get a new mailing list. Its address will be

Are there any naming limitations for a mailing list?

Mailman is used as the mailing list server on the shared server. Thus, the naming limitations of the mailman are applied. When a mailing list is named listname, the following address are specially handled by mailman as an address for controlling the listname mailing list.

  • listname-admin
  • listname-owner
  • listname-request
  • listname-bounces
  • listname-confirm
  • listname-join
  • listname-leave
  • listname-subscribe
  • listname-unsubscribe

Accordingly, a mailing list having a name that may be regarded as an address for controlling and be specially handled cannot be created. (More precisely, such address can be created, but emails cannot be delivered properly.) For example, a mailing list having a name gakkai-sanka-confirm does not work correctly.