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Network Notes on Network Usage

One-Click Fraud

Recently, an Internet scam called “click fraud” has been reported frequently. While surfing the Internet, an adult website is suddenly displayed with a message typically saying, “You have successfully become a member. Your charge is nnn yen.” Then a payment screen is displayed.
If you come across such a website, do as follows:

  1. If there is no terms and contracts in the website, ignore this message.
  2. If the terms and contracts are displayed, read well.
  3. The Act on Special Provisions to the Civil Code Concerning Electronic Consumer Contracts and Electronic Acceptance Notices in Japan specifies that the service operators/providers must prepare a screen for consumers to be able to check the contents of the contract they are about to conclude. Therefore, if no such confirmation screen is provided, you can argue that the contract is invalid.
  4. However, if you have concluded a contract agreeing with the above 2 and 3, you are likely to be liable for the payment. As shown in the above sample screens, the membership registration completed screen may be displayed even when clicking the NO button. In this case, it can be understood that the confirmation measure is not provided, and you can follow the procedure as described in the above 3.
  5. Never give personal information, including your name, address, and telephone number, to any suspicious operators.

Such operators may insist that a legitimate contract has been concluded by presenting your ISP name or IP address; be aware of the above information and handle the issue calmly.
For more details, see the National Police Agency website

If you have given a suspicious operator your contact details, make sure to report this to the Student Department (ext. 6553) and the Consumer Affairs Center.

Consumer Affairs Center

Contact Toyohashi-shi Consumer Advisory Office
Address 1 Imahashi-cho, Toyohashi-shi, 440-8501
Telephone +81-532-51-2305
Fax +81-532-56-0123

Phishing Fraud

Other than Click Fraud, you must also be aware of Phishing Fraud. In a Phishing Fraud, a malicious party submits an email purporting to be from a bank or credit card company in order to obtain the email recipient’s bank account information or credit card number.
The email typically encourages the recipient to access a certain URL to provide the personal information claiming that failing to do so will result in the closure of their bank or credit card account. As a countermeasure to such an email, contact the actual bank or credit card company first to determine the authenticity of the email before accessing the URL displayed in the email. Never provide any personal information without first checking in detail.
For more details, see the National Police Agency website

File Sharing Software

Toyohashi University prohibits usage of peer-to-peer file sharing software, such as Winny.
If usage of file exchange software is suspected as a result of network flow monitoring, the system administrator may contact you for clarification.

Virus Infection Response

If you detect a virus infection, submit the Incident Report to a departmental Network Committee member or to the Information and Media Center.

Department for Submission Information and Media Center
Email address techstaff
* Add at the end of the above address.

Unmanaged Computers

Computers that are connected to networks but are not properly managed are susceptible to remote attacks, such as being used as a stepping stone through “cracking.” Always disconnect such a computer from the network but continue updating its security mechanisms, such as by applying the latest security patches.

Contact for Network Problems

If you are unable to connect to the networks for more than a few hours, check if there is any network maintenance being conducted in your laboratory, department, or center. If you are still unable to identify the problem after inquiring to your department etc., contact the Information and Media Center.

Department for Submission Information and Media Center
Email address techstaff
* Add at the end of the above address.
Extension  6639