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How to Use

  • All the computer systems in the IMC are connected in a local area network that links the entire University. The misuse or inadvertent use of a computer by any individual might imperil the security of the network system and cause problems to other users.
    Any access from a computer connected to the University network can be easily identified by the party at the end of the line.
    Please read through and understand “Directions for Use of the TUT Network Environment” before using computers.
  • After using a computer, make sure to log off and shut it down properly.
  • Each user can use up to 5 GB of disk space for storing his/her files.
  • The e-mail address “the user’s login” can be used.
  • Documents can be printed out in either A3 or A4 paper size by the printer equipped with in each room.
    The number of printout pages in A4 is limited to a maximum of 300.
    Note: When printed in A3 paper size, double-sided or in color, the number of printout pages are reduced.
  • After using a computer, be sure to shut it down properly.
  • The last person who leaves the room must turn off the air conditioner.