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Classroom Application Methods

Use of Rooms and Other Facilities

Those who wish to use IMC facilities (e.g., use a room for a workshop), please submit the Application for Use Facilities of Information and Media Center form to the IMC reception desk (office). Those who wish to use Computer room 1, 2, and Multimedia Classroom, please contact to Educational Affairs Division.

How to expand the number of printable sheet

For the IMC student account, up to 300 sheets on A4 monochrome (For a color copy, 1 color print is equivalent to 4 monochrome prints) are available.  

Those who need to print over 300 sheets due to classwork, please fill out the Application to expand the number of printable sheets, get the sign and stamp of a faculty member, submit it to the IMC reception desk (office). Please note that if the sign and stamp of a faculty member were missing, expanding the number of printable sheets will not be granted.

Class room name

Information and Media Center Computer Rooms 1 and 2, Multimedia Classroom, and Research Computer Room
Library Workstation Area (1st and 2nd floors)
IGNITE building CALL room, study room
Department 1 D-202, Manufacturing Technology Shop
Department 3 C1-202, F-101
Department 4 G-workshop classroom
Department 5 D4-702/703