Brief Overview of the Information and Media Center (IMC)

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Brief Overview of the Information and Media Center (IMC)

The IMC’s computing environment features a high-speed and high-performance computing system, including a high-performance computational server; a multimedia computing system designed for supporting e-Learning, image processing, and virtual reality applications; and other peripherals (personal computers, X-terminals, etc.).
These computing resources, which are used to promote research, teaching and learning, provide high-speed network access to computational servers and PCs/X-terminals via a Gigabit Ethernet switch and a Fast Ethernet switch respectively.

Three types of computing system software are available: general software (for text manipulation, e-mail, etc.), specialized software (for programming languages, a scientific computation library, parallel computation tools, etc.), and business application software (for linear/non-linear structural analysis, computation fluid dynamics, visualization, etc.).

We also support the use of a multimedia-based education material development system (including web-based teaching material development tools) by developing easy-to-understand educational materials, including those for image processing techniques, 3D computer graphics, virtual reality and multimedia editing.

Moreover, we hold a variety of lectures and workshops for these types of software and computer systems.

The major facilities in IMC include Terminal Rooms 1 and 2 for laboratory work, a Multimedia Classroom, a Computer Simulation Terminal Room, and an Independent Study Terminal Room, where users can use all the equipment anytime for the purpose of research.

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