FAQ about how to use Moodle

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FAQ about how to use Moodle

General questions

Where should I send questions about how to use Moodle?

The address for sending technical questions or requests about how to use Moodle lms-admin
*Add “@imc.tut.ac.jp” to the end of the above address.
The address for sending clerical questions or requests about how to use Moodle lms-admin
*Add “@imc.tut.ac.jp” to the end of the above address.

Questions about Moodle

How can I open a new course?

Provide the following information

  1. Course name
  2. Course name in Moodle (*1)
  3. Category name (*2)
  4. Subject code
  5. Term, day of the week, hour
  6. Department, teacher's name
  7. Contact (extension number and email address) (*3)
  • *1. To create a course with a different name from the class name, provide the course name.
    If the course name is the same as the class name, you do not need to provide the course name.
  • *2. Select from the course categories of Moodle
  • *3. The teacher's name and email address are required.

How can I register users to Moodle?

There are two ways to register students to Moodle: registering users in advance and registering users using a registration key.

1.Registering users using a registration key

The teacher will inform students of how to use the registration key provided for each course, and students should enter the registration key provided when they log in.
(They will be automatically registered in the course. They do not need to enter the registration key from the next time they log in.)

How to find the registration key

From the assigned course, go to Configuration >Course Management >Users >Registration Process >Self Registration and confirm the registration key.

2.Registration of students by teachers

 From the assigned course, go to Configuration >Course Management >Users >Registration Process, and manually edit to add the users.


Sometimes the user may log in but cannot enter the course.

The login ID for Moodle is entirely comprised of half-width characters.
However, if full-width characters are entered when entering the ID, a new ID will be registered, causing the ID to be duplicated.
Do not mix full-width characters when entering the ID.

If documents or videos that have been modified are not updated, what should I do?

The browser cache may be the cause of the issue.

When using IE:

Go to Tools > Internet Options > General on IE, and click “Clear History.”

When using Firefox

Click Tools > Option > Privacy > Clear Recent History on Firefox.

After the history is deleted, restart IE or Firefox and open the Moodle site.
If the user name is blank on the login screen, the Moodle history has been cleared.

From this state, try to log in again.

How can I record the thread of students’ discussion about an issue?

For a discussion in Moodle, a function called a “forum” provided by Moodle can be used.
This provides the same function as BBS.
How to configure a forum and how to use it for discussion are described in the following manuals: “(for teachers), Chapter 5, Communication tool” and “(for students), Chapter 2, How to attend a course” (p.6 to p.11).”

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